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Steering and Suspension

Vehicle not handling as well as you think it should?

Excessive bouncing over bumps, clunking or knocking over rough roads?

Steering pulling or shaking excessively or messy power steering leaks ?

Let the team at Albert Street Automotive diagnose and repair your suspension and steering systems using the latest pressing equipment available.

Keeping you and your family safe in your vehicle is of paramount importance and the steering and suspension components are an essential part of this. Keeping this in mind our team can undertake the following repairs;

  • Shock absorber/strut replacement
  • Coil or leaf spring replacement
  • New ball joint fitting
  • Replacement of cracked or split suspension bushes
  • Steering rack/box replacement
  • Power steering hose replacement
  • Replacement of tie rod ends, rack ends, idler arms and pitman arms
  • Suspension modifications such as lowering or raising vehicle height

In keeping with our policy we do not undertake any repairs unless the owner or authorised person is aware and accepting of the repairs and costings.

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