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Engine Rebuilds and Replacements

Albert Street Automotive can repair, replace or recondition engines on all makes and models. Whether you are after a new motor, one that you would like rebuilt or just repair work, make a time to come in for a chat and we can point you in the right direction.

There are various reasons for a motor to need such attention but being the hard working 'heart' of the car parts can wear and can get to a stage where repair or replacement work needs to be done.

Common signs of a worn engine include the following;

  • Smoking - Smoking from the exhaust can come in various colours and each colour can give an indication of what the problem in the motor is.

White smoke can indicate a blown head gasket or damaged cylinder head. As discussed in the Cooling System overview, this can occur if the engine has sustained damage due to overheating. It may be evident that your engine oil is contaminated with water or the water level in the radiator is low. Repair work will depend upon the extent of damage done to the cylinder head.

Black smoke is normally an indication that the engine is running too rich. Rather than being a fault within the motor it is more than likely caused by the incorrect mixture of air and fuel going into the engine causing it to run inefficiently. It may also be evident that it idles or runs rough. Although black smoke can still be indicative of potentially serious faults within the initial focus should be on fuel and air mixtures.

Blue smoke normally means that the motor is burning oil. Within the motor are a number of seals and components that keep engine oil contained in its correct and useful position. When these parts wear or breakdown the oil may pass/leak through into areas where it is combusted by the motor and exhausted out. This can mean a problem with either top of the motor (cylinder head) or the bottom end of the motor where the pistons and crankshaft operate.

Usually the first sign of trouble is indicated by an increase in oil consumption by the motor. You may find yourself having to top the engine oil level up in between services and there is no sign of leakage under the vehicle. You may wish to address this problem sooner rather later as it may avoid more costly repairs.

Another indication can be unusual noises coming from the engine. When components fail due to wear and/or lack of lubricate they can become noisy and it is vital that the engine is attended to quickly to avoid further damage.

Engine problems may also be indicated through rough running and or loss of power when idling or driving. When internal problems with the motor occur the performance can be compromised and it is always best to get it checked out.

Unfortunately these sorts of problems are not only unique to older vehicles with high mileage. Various reasons may cause a motor to start failing and normally you, as the regular driver, are the best person to notice these changes, albiet suttle ones! If yourre unsure in any way please dont wait for the problem to go away as damage may be occuring.

Call our team at Albert Street Automotive for some advice on what you can do or just for some peace of mind. We can appreciate that keeping your car on the road is essential to you and will do our best to get your car happy and healthy again.